Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Good to Be 1!

On Tuesday Ava turned one. So far, from 1-2 is my favorite age. They start doing all kinds of fun things and are interested everything, without the terrible two's tantrums. 

We started out birthday girl's day with a little morning lounging. 
Bo trying out Ava's sunglasses. 
Ava sneaking up the stairs. She saw me coming and gave me this look. I love it!

Good morning birthday girl!

Ava has been taking more and more steps every day. Last night she was almost walking across the living room!

Ava's smash cake

 My camera's lens is broken, so it will only work in manual focus (which is really hard to shoot in). My uncle who is a professional photographer stepped in and took the rest of these great photographs. He was a lifesaver! 
Just starting to dig in

"This is pretty good!"

Shoveling it in

"Do you want some?"

Ava did a number on her cake

She couldn't wait until it was out of the box to ride it!
 We had a great time! Thank you to all of our family who helped us celebrate!