Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Awesome Autumn!

I love, love, love fall and the weather has been pretty stellar! Sunday, Bo and I carved and decorated our pumpkins. David helped Bo use the little saw pumpkin knife to carve the big pumpkin. Next year I can see Bo being able to carve all by himself! 

Bo scooping out the pumpkin.
The finished products
Ava had fun watching the craving. 

Yesterday, we lived it up outside. Since Ava is walking and is getting around pretty good, we can all go outside and have fun! It was neat to see how you don't have to teach kids to jump in a pile of leaves. I raked some leaves up and both Bo and Ava flopped right into them. 

Bo flopping in the leaves
Ava's first time playing in the sandbox.
She loved it!
"I'm not eating sand! hehehe"
Just a'swinging!
I finally found a trick to get Bo to smile for pictures - tell him to say, "Hi" to Naomi Manthe. That gets him to smile every time!