Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 Months Old!

I can't believe Bo is almost three months old! He was twelve weeks old on Saturday and this next Saturday the 23rd he will be 3 months. It's weird how that works out, but every week counts so I like to say what week he is. 

A lot of changes seem to happen over night. He now can sit in an excersaucer or jumper (with blanket support) and play, he likes to stick his tongue out and he can roll over from back to front! Next week he'll be headed to college! 

My mom holding Bo. This picture is funny because it looks like he's trying to suck on the bottle.  

Bo loves playing on his play mat. He has a toy that he always stares at and talks to. Here he is making faces at it. 

Here is the toy he loves so much. 

Andrea Elmer graciously let us borrow a jumper and exersaucer, which he loves. Here he is in the jumper. He loves it! 

In the jumper running his tongue over is gums. I think he'll have some teeth before we know it!

Bo flirting. He has better control over his eyebrows than David or I so I don't know where he gets it. 

One foot barely reaches the floor, but it was enough to be able to jump a little. 

Bo woke daddy up one morning. Bo looks more surprised than David! 


  1. That is so cute that he raises his eyebrows like that. How fun!

  2. Bo is so cute! I love his expressions! What a blessing to see that smile of his!

  3. He is such a sweetie pie. I'm glad he likes his new toys! My kids loved both of them. Just wait until he's a little bigger...he'll be jumping right out of that thing. It's fun to see how many kids have enjoyed those very same toys.