Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Little Off the Top and a Fun Parade

Bo has had quite a bit of hair since he was born and the last few months I have been trimming it around his ears. Recently I tried to do the top, bangs, and back. It didn't turn out horrible, but I knew he needed a real haircut soon. His hair was so puffy and all over the place and his bangs were inching to his eyes. So on Friday David and I took him to David's barber. At first I wanted him to get a haircut just like Daddy's, but I chickened out and he just got a little off the top. Daddy went first and Bo watched the whole thing, then it was his turn. He just sat there and let him cut his hair! Here are some highlights. 

Before the haircut. "I don't know about this." Notice the crazy hair.

"This is kinda fun. I'm up high with a big black blanket on me!"

Just relaxing

Getting the sides trimmed.

"Hmmm, is that MY hair?"

"Hey! What are you doing?"

A view from the back.

So big!

The after picture. Same haircut, just less hair.

We decided to head downtown to see the St. Patrick's Day Parade because Bo hadn't been to a parade since August and even though he was really little, he liked it last time. These pictures are when we first got up to the parade. He was into people watching until Nana and Papa Bass took him closer to the road. From then on out it was clapping, waving, and dancing. He loved it! His favorites were the floats that had live music. He also got really excited about the Legoland float, but really what boy wouldn't? He also did his fair share of flirting with the ladies standing around him. He is such a ham. 

People watching with Nana.

Watching the parade. 

He loved the band with loud drums. 

Papa holding Bo up high and showing him a huge balloon.

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  1. I love pics of kids getting their haircut! Bo looks so cute in his cape. :)