Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last year we spent Easter in the hospital since it was the day after Bo was born. This year was another milestone Easter with Bo having a ton of fun at THREE Easter egg hunts. We started the weekend off on Saturday at our church's egg hunt. 
Bo looking around at all the candy. He didn't know what to do at first. 

Crawling towards some candy.

He got the hang of it. His favorite to pick up were these marshmallow sticks. You can see his basket if full of them!

We started off Easter morning at church. I didn't have a chance to get a picture of Bo in his shirt, vest, and tie, but trust me, he was CUTE! After church we headed over to my parent's house. Bo was the only one young enough to hunt eggs. He had a blast!   
Putting an egg in his basket. 

His favorite eggs were the ones that rattled. 

Rattling the egg

"I found two!"

"Look what I found!"

After eating lunch and having an egg hunt at my parent's, we went to David's parents house to end the day. The boys spent the afternoon driving, riding, and pushing the Jeep. Mason and Henry took turns driving and Bo had a good time riding. 

Buckling up for safety!

Bo LOVED riding!

Mason giving Bo a kiss. So cute!

Bo and Nana

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  1. What a fun Easter! Monica and I kept talking about last year at the church egg hunt. You were in labor and we were SO excited! Even though last Easter wasn't traditional, I bet it has some real fond memories.