Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Day in the Pool and a Sister!

A few weeks ago I bought a small plastic pool (best $8 spent ever) for Bo to play in on our deck. He LOVES taking baths so I figured he would like a pool too. I was right. The pool is the right height that he can get in and out of it by himself, which he does a lot. He loves to splash around and play with his toys. His favorite pool toy by far is a giant plastic cup. 

We took him swimming last summer, but he was so little that he got cold really fast and him in the pool lasted about 5-10 mins. This year has been another story. That water may be cold, but he's still going to get in! If the water is cold he kind of squats in the water awhile to get used to it before sitting down. He also thinks it's very funny when the dogs drink out of his pool and even funnier when they stand still long enough for him to splash them. 

Playing with "the cup"
Trying to get out a new way - feet first.
Playing in the dogs water with "the cup". 
"What? I'm just standing in my pool!"
Letting the water fall on his hands. 
The famous muscles. 
To the other side. 
Making sure everyone see's how strong.

Just a side note on the last 3 pictures. We didn't ask Bo to show his muscles. He just wanted to show us how strong he is. He has started doing this at restaurants too to get peoples attention. He will show them muscles until they notice him and say something about it.

If you haven't heard we found out that we are having a girl! After picking my jaw up off the floor (thought for sure I was having a boy) we are super excited. The crazy garage sale-ing has commenced. 
22 weeks
Here she is: Miss. Ava Alane Bass

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  1. OMG, I love the pictures of Bo and his muscles. Jaxson used to "freeze" when he was Bo's age and it was the cutest thing ever.

    Congrats on having a girl! I'm super excited for you guys!!