Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Been Awhile!

I've totally put off writing any posts, but for good reason! We've had a VERY busy month and last few weeks. Just to catch you up.... We sold our house (yippee!), had a closing date of only 3 weeks (yikes!), moved out of our house and into David's parent's basement, have looked at over 40 houses, finally found one we love and close on it the 26th of July and move in the next day! Busy but exciting! Not to mention a special little someone who arrives in 10 weeks. Talk about time flying!

The first batch of pictures is before we moved. We had been at the doctors office for almost three hours and he did such a good job that he got his very own peanut butter ice cream sundae. 
"Can I have the ice cream?"

"Still waiting. Can I have it now?"

"Mmmm, finally!"

"Forget the spoon!"

"I get to use the spoon? Cool!"

"Drip it right in."


"Yum! Ice cream soup!"

I've been wanting to take Bo to Deanna Rose Farmstead ever since Jake and Katie Manthe took Naomi there and they got to see baby goats. I've had a thing for baby goats since I was very little and was sure Bo would love them too. Recently it's been too hot to go so the first break in the weather and we were there! David had to work (although he did get to stop by for about an hour) but my mom and sister Crystal went with us.

 We first saw the chickens - as you can see by the picture, Bo is not a fan. 

Next we checked out the barn and saw two baby calves, some bunnies, and the momma cow. Bo and my mom and looking at the cow. Both seem a little unsure!

Daddy showed up just in time to feed the baby goats. Bo was more interested in the bottle of milk than he was with the goats. 

He didn't want to pet them and I think he was a little jealous that they were getting that bottle.

We went back to the barn with daddy (we didn't realize until later there was a whole other side to this place). Again Bo didn't want to pet the calves.....

.....BUT he did want to pet the gigantic momma cow. Go figure! 

 Daddy had to head back to work before we found the other side to the farm. We saw piglets, bobcats, buffalo, eagles, owls, more goats, and some really friendly prairie dogs. Out of all of those animals the only things Bo were interested in was the quail. Here he is sneaking up and trying to pet one. 
He almost got him. 

The weather was great, especially compared to what is has been, but I think another trip back in the fall is definitely in order. 

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