Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing Ava Alane Bass!

She took her sweet time, but she's finally here! Ava Alane made her debut Monday night at 10:25pm. She weighed 6lbs. 14oz. and is 20 inches long. 

For comparison - here is Bo
Here is Ava

Again - Bo
Ava - do you think they're related???

They say the second labor/delivery takes about half as long as the first and that was right on the money for me. Monday I had a doctors appointment at 2:20. I got a sonogram done to check my fluid levels, which were good, and then I traveled to a second doctors office to have the appointment with my doctor. She did a quick procedure that she did when I was almost done with Bo (it worked that time too) and as soon as I left the doctors office I just knew it had worked. 

By the time I drove the five mins. home at 4:00pm I was having contractions. By 5:00pm they were 5 mins. apart. By 6:30pm they were 3 mins. apart and we were headed to the hospital. 

Just as we were about to drive over the highway towards the hospital we got pulled over! David loves telling this story - you should ask him for his side of it. Anyway the officer comes up to the window and David says, "If you're going to give me a ticket, can you do it quick? My wife is in labor." The office looks in the window while I'm in the middle of a contraction and quickly asks, "Do you need an ambulance?" Which doesn't make sense since we can see the hospital from where we were. He tells David to go ahead and go but to use his blinker next time. 

When we got to the hospital and into a room the nurse checked and said I was only 2 or 3 cm dilated even though my contractions were 2 and 3 mins. apart and she was going to ask the doctor on call if she wanted me to walk the halls, break my water, or GO HOME! I didn't say it, but in my head I was thinking there was no way I was leaving the hospital room, let along the hospital. Thankfully the doctor said to go ahead with an epidural. 

From the time I got the epidural until I delivered was just over an hour. This happened with Bo also, but not so fast. I went from a 2 to a 10 that quick! Two pushes later and Ava was here! I had no idea it would go that fast but I'm really glad it did! 

Ava and Nana Bass

Ava and Papa Bass

"Hey! What's up?"
She has crazy long toes - she gets those from mommy
Ava and Grandma Cherie 
The big brother meeting his "baby".

Grandma and Grandpa

All ready to go home

Things I've noticed about Ava:
1) She is a really good eater and picked up nursing really fast. 
2) She smiles a lot after eating. Don't we all. :)
3) She is a thumb/finger sucker. 
4) So far she likes to sleep - hopefully this continues! 

Bo so far really likes his baby and says "baby" about every 2 seconds. He has been helpful and will bring me things for her and loves to give her hugs and kisses. So far he has been gentle but we are always reminding him just in case. 


  1. Her and Bo's pictures are insane! I wouldn't be able to tell them apart if you held them side by side. They are both so adorable. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks! I didn't think they looked alike until I saw the pics side by side. lol

  3. Great labor story! Glad it went so fast for you! She so sweet and beautiful. Congrats!