Thursday, February 21, 2013

Warm and Cold

When I was loading the pictures from today on the computer I also loaded the pictures from the last time I took pictures. They were from the day a couple of weeks ago that was in the 70's. Bo had fun outside then and today. Enjoy!

Funny face
Coloring outside

Lovin' on his best pal, Max

A couple weeks after that awesome weather we have this!
Riding in the sled

Watching big brother play in the snow

Cute in her snow suit

Daddy resting

Crawling like a bear (his new favorite animal)

Mom bundled him up A Christmas Story style. 

Fun in the snow!

After fun in the snow, Bo got to try some hot (warm) chocolate for the first time and checked out the polar bears at the Kansas City Zoo live online. I'm thinking a trip to the zoo is in order this spring. 

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