Monday, May 27, 2013

Omaha and Misc.

We took a short trip (left Saturday morning, got back Sunday afternoon) to Omaha to visit the zoo. We got to Omaha on Saturday morning and went straight to The Durham Museum. It was a train museum in the old Omaha union station. Bo LOVES trains so I thought he would really like it. They had Sue the T-Rex on display, which was neat. I didn't think Bo would like it, but he actually thought it was really cool. The museum also had several train cars that you could go inside of, plus a model train. Overall, it was not as neat as I thought and I think next time we will go to the Children's Museum instead. We still had a nice time though. 
Bo loved the model train
Riding in the train with Dad
Can you tell how tired Bo is?

The next morning we got up and headed to the zoo. The weather was AMAZING! It was overcast and nice and cool. We got there when they opened up and there were still a lot of people waiting to go in, but I'm still glad we went in the morning. By the time we left at 1pm the ENTIRE parking lot was full!

There were a lot of animals that Bo really liked but I think his favorite was the bears. That was the only animal he wanted to see before we went and that's the favorite animal he says he saw. 
Bo was more interested in the kids climbing than taking a picture. 
This gorilla was really close and as he moved toward Bo, he got a little scared!

The polar bear and the penguins were probably Bo's favorites of the whole day. 

Again, this bear was really close. Bo loved it, but was a little unsure. 

Ava enjoyed riding around and spent some time napping. Next time we go I'm sure she'll stay awake the whole time. 
Bo riding on a turtle
Bo and mommy going across the rope bridge in the rain forest.

Here are just some random pictures from recently. 

Big boy with a big boy haircut!

The older they get, the closer in age they look

Ava's first pedicure

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  1. You did the rope bridge?! Yikes! I defiantly skipped that. Glad you had a great time.