Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Ava!

I can not believe our little princess peanut is 2! How did that happen?! 

Waking up on her birthday party day
Ava sneaking up the stairs on her 1st birthday
Ava sneaking down the stairs on her 2nd birthday

Ava had a great time at her birthday party. She loved opening presents and her reaction to the gifts were priceless. Thank you for all who came! It was so fun!
Waiting for presents
I don't know what she's looking at, but whatever it is, she likes it!
A fun horse in a purse from Aunt Crystal
That face cracks me up
Ava was super excited to blow out her candles. She sang herself Happy Birthday and practiced blowing out her candles all week. 
She did it!
Ready to eat her cupcake cone
This isn't at her party, but the day after. I just love her smile and the fact she loves getting her picture taken.
Love these two!

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