Monday, October 17, 2011

A Pumpkin Picking We Shall Go

Sunday, my mom, sisters, Darren (my sister Becky's boyfriend), David, Bo, and I went to Kirby Farms to find pumpkins in their pumpkin patch. This year the adults had more fun than the baby, but next year will be another story. There were lots of fun things to do - it's a kids paradise! 
Bo and I looking at the goats. He liked feeling the wooden fence better than the goats. 
Bo did NOT want to look through the painted picture thing. He kept pushing away and whining. 
Looking at a pumpkin and almost blending in.
Daddy and Bo on some hay bales. These two have the same eyebrows!
Bo trying the hay.
Nom nom nom 
All of us looking - except for Bo of course. 
Bo loves his grandma!
Such a cute couple. Can't believe my sister's dating Jude Law! Just kidding! 
I found this cute stud hanging out by the truck. I might take him home with me. ;) 
This was just funny. 
In the corn maze. 
In the field, claiming his pumpkin. Putting things in their mouths is how babies mark their territory. 
"Yep, I like this one. But that one over there is nice too!"

Can you spot the baby? 
How about now?
While we were having fun taking pictures, Bo was having fun trying out the dirt. 
We had so much fun and I can't say enough how much I LOVE our camera. It takes such good pictures, is easy to use, and so easy to transfer to the computer. I might have to take a photography class at KCKCC to get the most out of it though. 


  1. Cute pictures! They DO have the same eyebrows. That is so funny. Good idea to take that picture from far away. He really did blend in with the pumpkins, same size and everything! How cute.

  2. Oh my! Those all great photos!!! It looks like a fun family time! Glad you had great day for it!