Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Big Boy Bath and a Jumpy Frog

Bo had been taking a bath in the kitchen sink, but the bottom of the sink was really slick and it was a pain to disinfect the sink every time Bo needed a bath (which was becoming more frequent). One day I thought I would stick him in the tub just to try it out and what do you know, he loved it! I like it too because the bath stuff can stay out (instead of under the sink), the bottom of the tub is not slick, and Bo loves "swimming"! Daddy had to capture the event. 
This is a picture to show the future wife! 
Daddy took this picture because he liked this outfit. I like this picture because it shows you how long his legs are. This is a 6 month outfit. 
 We had so much fun on Halloween! Mommy and Daddy might have had more fun though! 
Grandma Cherie and a little jumpy frog.
The three little speckled frogs - like from the song. 
Sweet froggy boy
Froggy and Grandpa Joe

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  1. OMG, his costume is adorable! I love your guys' too. How fun!