Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six and a half months already!

Bo has been a very busy boy. He has added crawling to his list of things he loves to do. Well, it's more like an army crawl, but I'm sure it will be an all out crawl before too long. His favorite things to get into are Hallie's dog bowl, Hallie's feet, and the computer cord. It's funny how fast they learn what "no" means and how fast they choose to disobey. It's never too early for discipline! 

I love books and I've been reading to Bo, but I haven't been letting him look at them by himself. I'm afraid he'll ruin them, but then I realized I would rather have to buy new books because he's ruined them using them, than having perfect books he hasn't ever read. Besides when he's older I can teach him to keep books nice. He does like to chew on them, but he actually does more looking than chewing. Hopefully we can keep up his love for books. I CAN NOT wait to read him some of my favorites!

Now on to pictures!

"Hey dude!" 
Cute boy in a big hat.

"Look at me reading mom!"
Enjoying a book about his favorite subject - eating!

Zooming around the living room.....
Heading straight for.... 
....Hallie's feet!
Sweet boy


  1. So cute! That first hat picture is my favorite. That is so cute that he plays with Hallie's feet. She is such a sweetie.