Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Picture Recap

I really should spend more time writing on my blog, but I just get so antsy to post the pictures I don't write much. I will try to fill in the blanks this time. 

Christmas Eve we headed over to David's parents house for the annual Christmas Eve get together. All three of the boys are old enough to unwrap presents, although each appreciate different things about it. Mason actually likes the toys, Henry is just chill and likes the whole thing, and Bo likes to rip the paper and eat it (He actually got a few, tiny pieces down as I found out the next day in his diaper). I forgot my camera (of course) but there are lots of pictures posted on Facebook. 

Christmas morning we woke up and opened our presents at home before going to church. I wish I could post a slideshow of the pictures we took. David took so many it's almost like a video of Bo opening the presents. Here are a few highlights. 

I love this picture. Present level. 
First present 
Lovin' the paper
"This looks like a good book!"
Eating the paper
Mom trying to get the paper out
"Look what I got dad!"
He loved his pull along pup!
I also have a picture of me at about this age with all my presents. Love it!

After church, we headed to my parent's house and opened gifts. Bo got this funny horse from my sisters. It dances and sings a song. Bo was a little unsure about it when it would sing and dance, but now he LOVES it. We named him Rowdy. 
"Thanks Aunt Becky and Aunt Crystal!"

Bo helping my sister's boyfriend, Darren open gifts. 
So cute!
My parents got Bo a barn with animals. He loves it! In fact he's chewing on the animals right now!

Such a fun first Christmas for Bo. He is swimming in new toys. I can't believe he will be almost 2 years old next year!!!

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  1. What a great first Christmas Bo had. I love the pictures.