Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Boy the Dog

 Bo loves our dogs and I think he thinks he's a dog. He pushes and hits the dogs when they steal his snacks, he carries things around in his mouth when he's crawling, and he will sometimes growl when he plays. He loves playing with his friends at church and they can take the toys he's playing with, but the dogs (mainly Max) better not take something of his. I'm pretty sure he thinks the dog toys are his too. The dogs have to hide to chew on a toy or Bo will take it from them. I don't mind him doing these things because the dogs know he's the boss over them, but he's going to have a rude awakening when he tries to do that to his friends - either from them or me!
The "dogs" begging for some of my snack. Right after taking this picture, Bo tried pushing Max out of the way. 

Here is an example of dog boy carrying around a toy.

Stopped mid-crawl to pose.
Such a ham!
"I'm going to eat the camera!"
Cheesein' it again
Bo's new way to eat snacks. Push it out...
Kissy lips...
....and snack pops out. It does go back in and eventually down the hatch.

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  1. Thats cute... sounds like he adapts well in any environment. Thats a good quality, right.