Thursday, February 2, 2012

Having Fun

Bo really likes playing under the table, so I decided to make him a tent to play in. He wasn't quite sure about it. He did go in a little when I was in it and he went in again when the dogs were in there. We will have to build another one so he can get used to it. 
Bo's tent
"Thanks for building me a tent mom!"
Trying it out 
He thinks he's inside - ha!
Peaking out - that's about as far as he would go.
Pushing the chair around the kitchen.
Bo FINALLY cut a tooth, but I haven't gotten a shot of it yet. 
Eating cheese - notice the begger
Now on the other side. Max is not very sneaky.
Bo's favorite new game. Tease the dog. "You want some cheese?"
"Here you go."
"Just kidding!" 
"Ha, ha I tricked you!"

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