Friday, March 22, 2013

All Grown Up!

We've had a blast the last few days! On Monday afternoon we took Bo bowling for the first time. He saw some kids on TV bowling and was really interested. He was so in his element and I should have known - any sport with a ball is his sport! That ball could not come back fast enough from knocking down the pins. He even tried to use David's 12 lb. ball! Crazy boy!
Excited to get started. 

Love the tongue! Concentrating so hard!

Aren't these tiny bowling shoes so cute?! I didn't think they'd have size 6 toddler, but they did. 

Putting the ball on the ramp. 
Letting it go!

Watching it knock down the pins. 

Daddy showing us how it's done!

Ava cheering on the boys. 

On Thursday, Monica and I took the kids to Funville in Crown Center. Although it was SUPER busy due to Spring Break, it was still fun. Bo saw a lot of fun stuff, including a really cool model train exhibit at Union Station. Funville was neat, but if you plan on going, leave the non-walking kiddos at home. No strollers allowed inside, mainly because it's not big enough. The same person/group who did the painting and design of the children's museum in Johnson County also did Funville. If it were closer I would go back because there was so much fun stuff!

Bo loved being a pro football player.

All of the rooms were so small that grown-ups could only fit into a few rooms.
Playing guitar just like (soon to be) Uncle Darren. 

Farmer Bo - almost 2
Here is farmer Bo at 16 months old at the Johnson County museum. 

President Bo
Into the rabbit hole. I'm not sure what was in there, but it was dark and he liked it!
Out the rabbit hole.
Cookin' cousins
Lilly eating the pizza Bo and Henry cooked up.

Dr. Bo checking lungs

Bo LOVES animals, especially dogs. Maybe a vet when he's all grown up?
See ya later!

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  1. Looks like a great Spring Break! The kids both love bowling. We don't do it often enough. We should though.