Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Remembering Hallie

I spiffed up my blog's layout a bit. I kept trying to get a really cute picture header and it just wasn't working out. Oh well, I really like the way it turned out. 

Most of you already know about our losing our sweet boxer girl Hallie in the middle of November. I've gone through a really weird grieving process and I'm not sure why. The day it happened I was shocked, three days after I was already looking at a new dog (really sensitive, right?), and I haven't really grieved or missed her until recently. I've decided to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to Hallie. Here are a few of my most favorite memories and things you might not have know about her. 

1) She was our first dog. One Saturday, the day before Easter 2007, I randomly went into PetSmart. Safe Harbor Prison Dog program was there with their adoptable dogs. All the dogs were in playpens except for one, who was just on a leash next to their table. I thought she was one of the workers pets. I walked by, thinking how pretty she was. I made myself walk back by and ask if she was for adoption too. She was. I called David and he met me there. He knew when I called that we were not leaving without her. 

We loved dressing Hallie up. She was very tolerant. 

2) David was her favorite. She loved everyone, but her and David were best buds.
Daddy and Hallie resting. 
3) Hallie was named by the inmate who trained her. He named her after Halle Berry because she looked like Cat Woman.
Hallie was a Chief's fan.
4) Hallie could tear up an entire phone book by herself. (This was before Max!)

5) Hallie was a lap dog. A fifty pound lap dog, but she thought she was a little dog.
She loved to be comfy.
6) Hallie didn't get any gray hair until Max showed up. She was starting to slow down and didn't want to play anymore. After we got Max she turned gray, but also found a new love for playing.
The first day we brought Max home.

Siblings playing
7) Max licked Hallie's feet, face, and ears everyday. He loved his sister and took care of her. She didn't reciprocate. lol
Max giving Hallie her daily bath. 
8) Bo didn't start saying her name until a week before she died. Hallie died playing in the yard with Max. We are not sure, but we think she had a heart attack. As far as dogs, I think this was the best way to go.
Silly girl 

9) Max misses her and still has good days (when he seems happy) and bad days (when he doesn't want to do anything but sleep). He misses his sister.

10) We all loved Hallie very much and miss her everyday.

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