Saturday, January 18, 2014

A New Bass!

Ever since we lost our boxer girl Hallie over a year ago, we've been missing a family member in the dog department. We visited shelter dogs, looked into boxer rescues, but in the end we knew a puppy was best for us. We searched and searched and was lucky enough to find a small breeder. Out of the 7 puppies, one stood out. Now without further ado… Molly!

Molly is super sweet and a really great puppy! I don't know if it's just her or a boxer thing, but she is so obedient. We don't even have to use treats in training her. She follows us around, sitting at our feet, giving kisses, and snuggling. The kids LOVE her and she loves them! 

Ava is kind of obsessed with dog food. We have to watch her close - she will have her hands grabbing that food and shoving in her mouth so fast! 

Ava reading Molly a book.

I would have more pictures, but our camera's autofocus is still broken and it's really hard to capture moving dogs and kids without an autofocus. 
Max kind of ignored Molly when she first came home, but he quickly got over that. I have a feeling they are going to be best buds. Max and Molly love wrestling around, chewing on toys, and chasing each other in the yard. Hopefully I can capture on video Molly's "boxer bounce" when she goes after Max. It's so cute!
I kept trying to take pictures of the puppy and Ava wanted to help. Those eyes kill me! So cute!


  1. Ava is so stunning! I can't believe she eats dog food. Seems like one taste would be enough. Crazy kids!

    The name Molly goes so great with Max. I loved the name and I especially love it paired with Max. Good pick!

    1. Ava is CRAZY about eating weird things. She is so scary! She really likes to sneak into the shower and eat conditioner and any spray bottle she gets her hands on goes right in her mouth. Yikes!

  2. I am obsessed with Molly. She makes me want a puppy and that NEVER happens. I'll just have to go over and spoil her for you guys :)