Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Fun!

Christmas was so much fun this year! Bo totally knew what was going on. It's funny how much more exciting something is when kids are excited. Ava even got in on the fun and enjoyed it all. 

Coming down the stairs, ready to see under the tree! We had not one present under the tree until they were allowed to unwrap them. I didn't feel like rewrapping everything!

"Now where did those cookies and milk go to?"

We won't be able to get away with this when the kids are older, but we made them eat breakfast before presents!  

I love Bo's expression. He really likes his "Woody Buzz" nightlight.

This is probably one of Ava's favorites. They love the cheap stuff!

Ava was almost as excited as Bo was about his cowboy boots.

Bo riding "my bike". I need to get a picture of him riding his bike with the Spiderman mask on.
We also had so much fun with our families, but our camera's autofocus is broken so it makes it less than enjoyable to take it everywhere, so we didn't capture any pictures. 


  1. Isn't it fun how our littles take a cue from their older siblings and get excited too. They are so funny. Broken camera? Noooo! Focusing on your own is almost impossible with kids. I hope you can get it fixed easily.

    1. Unfortunately we are going to have to buy a whole new lens. Not too difficult, but plenty pricey. Focusing with kids is almost impossible. I'm surprised we got the pics we did!