Saturday, March 5, 2011

Homemade and Freebies

I decided that with all the hats I've made, I had better make a hat for my own baby! Actually I made two. I forgot what size loom I used to make the newborn hats and ended up using the loom for 3-6 months hats. After I was done I realized that it was too big and that my baby's head better NOT be that big! The newborn loom seemed really small, but when I was done the hat was the right size - just big and stretchy enough for a newborn head. I liked how the colors turned out - light green and brown.

                                                Here is sock monkey wearing the newborn hat.
This is basically the same hat that my nephew Mason wore in his newborn pictures. I'm taking it with me to the hospital and hopefully when they do the hospital photo shoot he can wear it.

Now on to the freebies! I've been signing up to receive free printable coupons in my email and have been getting some other offers too. I usually delete most of them, but one caught my eye. It was for a free breast feeding cover. I went to their site and checked it out. It was actually legitimate! All I had to do was pay the shipping and handling and I got a $32 "Udder Cover" for free! It came in the mail two days ago and I'm really pumped about it!
It has a light blue design and I would have liked a darker pattern, but they only had a few to choose from in the "free" category. You can't expect everything to be perfect since it was free. :)


  1. I can't see the pictures on this one :( and I'm dying to see those hats!

  2. Aww. I LOVE those hats, love the green color! I can't wait to see him in them :)