Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lots and lots and lots of pictures!

Bo has been growing and learning by leaps and bounds! I just get used to something he can do and then he's all of a sudden doing something brand new! He's hard to keep up with!
Bo getting ready to try avocado. 
First bite down the hatch! 
"I don't know if I like this." 
"It's o.k. mom - let's try some more."
"Nom nom nom" 
"You're a good cook mom!" 
I love the sequence of events that take place in these pictures. 
Bo - "Come here dog!" Max - "Aaaggghhhh!" 
Bo - "I just want to give you a kiss." Max - "No you don't!"
"You're right, I want to bite your ear!" (He didn't really, it just looks like it) 
I love him in this outfit, but it makes him look too big! :'(
My handsome blue eyed boy. 
And last but not least, I snuck this picture of how Bo currently likes to sleep - on his side, just like his mom.

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